Dona Templeman, MFT

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Chico, CA
Infertility Counseling

Struggles with infertility can cause intense emotional distress and evoke feelings of anger, grief and hopelessness, isolation, powerlessness and confusion. Ongoing fertility issues can cause you to question your identity and self-worth and stress your friendships and primary relationship. For couples, the medical expenses of treatment, coping with the monthly cycles of anticipation and let down, and the physical impact of the fertility treatments on the woman’s body which her partner does not have to endure can put significant strain on the relationship. For some couples, each may have different limits as to how far and how long they are willing to go with treatment options. One may want to consider adoption while the other is set against it.

While any or some of these issues may cause emotional upheaval and infertility can indeed be a crisis, with guidance and support infertility can be an opportunity for personal growth . I help you to access your internal resources to meet this challenge and to find your own resolution.

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