Dona Templeman, MFT

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Chico, CA

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I used to be a midwife and a teacher. I am a parent of two adult sons. In my work as a midwife, a teacher, and a parent, I received invaluable, informal training for my present work as a therapist. During those years, I also developed a meditation practice and connected deeply to nature in the Sierras where I lived. Now in my psychotherapy practice, I combine the informal training of life experience with my formal, therapist training at Pacifica Graduate Institute which gives me the ability to provide for you a unique blend of presence, acceptance, and understanding that is so vital to healing, growth and change.

I also bring a deep respect for you as a unique individual and your courage to take this inner journey.

Professional Training:

Please feel free to contact me at my Chico, CA office with any questions.